Inamuragasaki 稲村ヶ崎

  We must recommend the ocean view at the Inamuragasaki park before anything, especially at sun set. We believe that it's the best view in Kamakura.


  The park there is close to our house. Our customers leisurely spend time there when our seats are fully occupied and we ask them to wait for a turn.


  That cape is famous as a historical spot but it's the place where we can enjoy our times, too. For example, Inamura's beach is one of the most famous surfing grounds and a well-known competition is held when the big waves come.

  But it's not regular event and we have not seen it since the last time in 2013.  No body knows if it's held this year.



  Gokuraku ji Temple is good as a quiet and beautiful old temple. Gokuraku ji station is also popular for it's lovely appearance and many tourists come to see them.


  Further, Gokuraku ji street, an old cut roads with some historical episodes, is a popular tourist spot that are also used for the filming of movies and TV dramas.

  So, walking around Gokuraku ji area and Inamuragasaki are the best pair of the tourist spots.

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